Bimbi’s Incursion Program

Bimbi’s Incursion Program

At Bimbi Early Learning and Kindergarten we provide a range of weekly incursions including Italian, Happy Feet and Kinda Music  for children of all ages to participate in.


Bravissimi attends our service every Tuesday morning and teaches all age groups Italian through stories, songs and games!

How to unlock learning a language by embracing Music & Songs:

For a child, it can be daunting learning a new language thankfully in today’s day and age there are many tools and resources at our disposal. For example, did you know there is strong scientific evidence linking music and songs with the process of learning a language? Recent research demonstrates that songs can help children better acquire grammar and vocabulary as well as help with spelling and pronunciation.

A child’s emotional relationship with music is deep and powerful and, in many instances, music can be used to comfort and relax them. It is no surprise then that music and songs have been proven to also enhance a child’s ability to focus and strengthen their memory. With an enhanced mental capacity, a child’s ability to learn a language such as Italian through repetition is increased. The songs are catchy, especially once you learn to sing along and familiarise yourself with the storytelling and lyrics. So, thanks to the sound patterns in songs they can become a very effective tool for memorising vocabulary, phrases and expressions.

When is the best age to introduce a second language?

It is understandable to think that introducing a second language, like Italian, while a child is still learning the ABC’s of English could confuse their development. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact research has proven that the best time to introduce a child to a second language is while they are learning their first one.

Research has shown that raising a bilingual child can provide improvement to other areas of a child’s development including:

- Improved Memory

- Improved Social skills

- Ability to Focus on Goals

- Less Stress

- Improved Attention to Detail

- Good Conflict Management Skills

Kinda Music with Jaz

Music and movement with Jaz is held every Thursday morning with all age groups.

Jaz has been delivering this program at Bimbi Early Learning and Kindergarten since our opening in 2006. Jaz is a Performing Arts Therapist who has worked with people of all abilities and ages for 30 years. Jaz has worked extensively in Community Welfare, Early Intervention including integration into Pre-School, a Therapist in Mainstream and Special School environments and training Kindergartens and Childcare Centres in how to create Inclusive Learning environments/opportunities through the use of Performing Arts.

This music and movement incursion are designed to empower children to use music, dance, song, drama and improvisation to communicate, to socialise, to educate, to release stress, express emotions and to have HEAPS OF FUN!

Happy Feet Fitness with Miss Katie

Happy Feet Fitness with Miss Katie is held every Wednesday with all age groups. Happy Feet Fitness, delivers educational content, creative movement and social development skills that become ingrained and stay with children throughout their lives. The themed musical and dance adventure classes incorporate creative movement and dance experience to support children’s development. Similarly, these classes also incorporate imaginative play and fitness. The range of activities and topics that are explored cater to the foundational milestones of young children.

Visiting Doctor

Dr Robert Chan visits our centre every Thursday from around 11.30 am to 12.00 pm to see children with minor illnesses or ailments and to administer immunisations. His services are bulk billed.

If you'd like Dr Chan to see your child, you'll need to fill in a Medical Service Weekly Diary located in the foyer. If your child requires vaccinations, you'll need to complete a Medical Request form the week before the vaccination and bring your child's Health Book on the day.

This program is designed to empower children to use Music, Dance, Song, Drama and improvisation to communicate, to socialise, to educate and to have HEAPS OF FUN. Children are encouraged to be themselves and grow from there.